We offer Speakes and Voice Over - we record it at our own professional audio studio set-up. That way you get a voice over fitting your needs. We cast the Speakers / Voice Actors that matches company.


We are a full-service voice management agency.

Business / corporate films

Tell us about your business and let us help you communicate your message.


Radio and TV spots

For national, regional and local stations. We also mix the final product, in the format you need.


PhoneSpeak - IVR for the company

So your customers are professionally received on your voicereciever with just the right voice and with a good balance between voice / voice over and music (queue music).



We have extensive experience in communication invoice eLearning for students or students and for casting the right voices for the various projects.


Online spots

Why not brand this product on YouTube or other social media. Let us help you communicate your message.


(Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM GMT+1)
Address: Vester Allé 15, 8000 Aarhus C 


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