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We provide stereo and stem mastering with your specific wishes in mind. 

We are working from a custom designed, high end, analogue-digital hybrid setup were you can expect meticulous attention to detail in your music.


Stereo and stem mastering - either attended or online.

Price pr. master (all prices are in DKK ex. VAT):

1-2 tracks: 740,- per track

3-10 tracks: 620,- per track

>10 tracks: ask DDP: 500, -

Add. master for vinyl: 500,- /side

Certified 24 bit Apple Digital Master: 300, - 

Stem mastering rates: Please contact us.


The service is satisfaction guaranteed and includes free, unlimited revisions. 

A revised mix submitted after the original mastering will be charged a recall fee.

Feel free to ask for a mix check before we get started.


If your project does not fit these conditions please contact for a custom quote.

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